The head of social council of Wadi Utba Abdelkader Al-Sheikh said over 75% of the Murzuq residents had been displaced to their town, saying their conditions are very miserable as the town of Wadi Utba cannot provide for them for the number of displaced families needs support from everyone.

Al-Sheikh said Wadi Utba is very small and its population is about 20.000 people, so the number of displaced people would have massive impact on the town.

He added that some of the displaced people are at schools now - only four ones - while others went to their relatives, calling on everyone to assist the displaced people.

Al-Sheikh added that Wadi Utba is already suffering from lack of fuel, cooking gas, water and electricity.

Many Murzuq residents left their houses and went to Wadi Utba and Bint Baya towns after Khalifa Haftar's forces were kicked out from Murzuq, which was seized by South Protection Force after two weeks of deadly clashes leaving hundreds of casualties.

Meanwhile, the member of Murzuq municipality Mohammed Omar told reporters Monday that Haftar's warplanes struck this morning Neighborhood 17 in the center of Murzuq leaving some injuries among women and children.