Libya’s Al-Hilal team departed the CAF Confederation Cup from the preliminary round after losing the match to Kenya’s Ulinzi 0-1 and then on penalties 4-5 on Saturday.

The two teams had to resort to penalties despite Ulinzi’s win 1-0 because Al-Hilal won the first leg match in Egypt’s Cairo 1-0 last week.

Ulinzi’s Samuel Audiambo scored for his team before reaching 20 in the first half and despite Al-Hilal and Ulinzi’s attempts to each score a winning goal on aggregate, the game fell back on penalties to announce Ulinzi as winner after scoring 5 shoots against Al-Hilal’s 4 ones.

Unlinzi will therefore qualify for the 32-round of the CAF Confederation Cup for the first time in its history and will play Egypt’s Samuha, who was exempted from the preliminary round by the draw.