Labor Ministry

The Minister of Labor and Rehabilitation, Ali Al-Abed, announced the launching of a large-scale inspection campaign to control duality of work between the public and private sectors under the slogan (Enforcing the law and restoring life to the labor market).

Al-Abed told the Government of National Unity's Hakomitna platform on Sunday that the ministry possessed a modern and developed system that has been entrusted with the duality file through which many violations had been monitored and dealt with.

He indicated that the term unemployment in Libya is inaccurate, and that most of the numbers are incorrect because the unemployment that exists today is measured by those who do not work in the public sector, which is a wrong concept.

"Most of those considered unemployed work in the private sector, in factories and companies. The aim of applying the law of removing duality in public and private sectors is to ensure that the private sector is not emptied of Libyan workers which could increase the burden of the state's cadres with more employees." Al-Abed added. 

He indicated that the new procedures will apply to everyone without exception, adding that data entry processes are underway through the Labor and Occupational Inspection Department in cooperation with government institutions and the Labor Ministry's Information and Documentation Center.

The World Bank said in a report last Wednesday that unemployment rates in Libya were still high, reaching more than 19%, noting that 85% of the population worked in the Libyan public sector.