The Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation has warned employers to abide by its rules with respect to specific professions prohibited by the ministry for non-Libyans.

According to the Director of the Operations Department at the ministry, Mohamed Brouta, the ministry has listed 22 professions that may not be practiced by non-Libyan workers, with a view to providing a decent work environment for Libyan job seekers.

"Extensive studies have been conducted to identify the nature of the professions that meet the needs of the local labor market, specifically indoors and restricted occupations, and to ensure that their closure will contribute to increasing job opportunities for Libyan youth without affecting employers in the local market," Brouta explains.

The prohibited occupations for non-Libyans included a large section of indoor professions, such as the education and administrative field, as well as revenue collectors, drivers of all categories, transportation supervisors, photographer technicians, professions related to sales activities, and public relations fields.