The mayor of the municipality of Aljmail, Fathi Al-Hamrouni, confirmed the return of calm after the clashes that took place in the city on Tuesday afternoon. He announced that at least 7 casualties were initially recorded as a result of the clashes, noting that armed groups opened fire randomly at residential buildings and civil and governmental institutions, including the municipal building.

Aljmail town witnessed intermittent clashes, which resulted in the closure of educational institutions and shops and varying amounts of damage to citizens’ properties. Later, the Directorate Support Force in the Western Region of the Ministry of Interior announced, on Wednesday, that it had taken over the task of securing Aljmail, in addition to putting in place all security arrangements for the security centers and points.

The force explained, in a statement on its official Facebook page, that this deployment came based on an agreement reached by the councils, dignitaries and elders of Jmeil, reassuring that “things are going perfectly.”

The people of the municipalities of Aljmail, Al-Mansheya, Regdaline, and Zalten announced that they would enter into a complete strike in all civil institutions and close all the entrances to the towns in accordance with a security plan drawn up by the directorate and its agencies, except for those related to humanitarian and necessary matters such as health, education, and security, until all their legitimate demands are met.

Aljmail residents' statement called on the government and the Ministry of Interior to develop an urgent and final solution to what is happening in the town of security violations and random shooting. The statement called on officials to develop security solutions that would improve the security situation in the city by supporting the directorate and its security services or by merging the directorates in the region.