The authorities in Chad have arrested four Libyan nationals for poaching on its territory and for entering the country illegally, the Chadian government has confirmed.

The Chadian government said the four Libyans would go to trial for committing illegal hunting, indicating that it seized some weapons during the operation.

Meanwhile, the governor of Chad's Ennedi region, Isakha Malwa Jamous, said the men were arrested in early September, using four hunting rifles and some ammunition in a four-wheel drive vehicle.

"The four hunters have been active in the area for several years and accused of hunting animals in the area such as wild cattle and deer," Jamous said.

He underscored that the hunters would be brought to trial and prosecuted per the Law of the Forest, Wildlife and Fisheries Resources System, which protects and punishes any act that harms the environment, pointing out that they may face two to five years of imprisonment.

In a related context, the Chadian Foreign Ministry condemned what it described as the illegal arrests of Chadian nationals by the 166th Brigade of Khalifa Haftar's forces in Ajdabiya east of Libya and called for their release.