Ras Ajdair border crossing between Libya and Tunisia has been reopened after a month of close from the Libyan side, the Libyan Central Security Apparatus in Ras Ajdair said.

The reopening, which was ordered by the Minister of Interior in Presidential Council's government, Abdelsalam Ashour, says the traffic and trade shall be regulated as per the Libyan laws.

According to different sources, traffic on the border was resumed piecemeal as several Tunisians remained in protests' mode in Ben Guerdane town.

The border was shut down on July 11 from the Libyan side over the protests in Ben Guerdane on the Tunisian side. It reopened later but did not hold for over 24 hours due to mistreatment of Libyans by the Tunisian side.

Tunisians had been protesting and blocking roads disallowing Libyans from entering Tunisia or departing it to push Libyan authorities to look away from fuel and goods smuggling via the border. They also seized some trucks to negotiate swapping them with allowing smuggling.

Meanwhile, the Tunisian Industry, Commerce and Traditional Crafts called on its country's government to look into the issue of Ras Ajdair border and study the possibility of opening a special crossing route for trade, citing damage to businessmen in the country who had their goods held on the border.