The Libyan Fatwa House has decried the oppression and killing of Muslims in India at the hands of the Hindu government, demanding immediate action to protect the victims and hold the aggressors accountable.

In a statement, Monday, the Sharia Research Council of the Fatwa House expressed its bewilderment at the silence and lack of appropriate response of the international community to this situation.

"The Council is following what is happening in India at the hands of the criminal Hindu government under the eyes of the so-called international community that raises the slogans of human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, and other slogans, which they use to blackmail other countries, but ignore them when it comes to Muslims in reprehensible racism and hateful intolerance," the statement reads.

The council also called on media outlets to address these aggravated offenses in order to bring them to the center, reminding Muslims of their duty to use any legitimate means to defend the Muslims of India, including severing ties with the Indian government.

The Indian authorities have launched a campaign to drive hundreds of Muslim families from the Dholpur Gorukhuti area of Darrang district in the northeastern province of Assam.

A video that went viral on social media shows a group of Indian police officials charging a local man before shooting him and subsequently beating him while he lies on the ground unconscious.

A photographer appointed by the Indian administration to cover the eviction drive also appears in the video while beating and jumping on the dead body.