The Chadian authorities have released four Libyan nationals, who were arrested last September for allegedly poaching inside Chad's territory and for entering the neighbouring country illegally.

The so-called 166th Infantry battalion of Haftar's forces said on Monday that the Libyan hunters were released following negotiations with the authorities in N'Djamena, confirming that a military delegation arrived in Chad to receive the group and return them to Libya.

On September 12, the Chadian Foreign Ministry confirmed that authorities in the Mardi Governorate, east of Ennedi, arrested four Libyans in possession of firearms that they used in illegal poaching before being referred to the judicial authorities in preparation for their trial.

Following the incident, the so-called 116th Infantry brigade of Haftar's forces arrested a group of Chadians in Ajdabiya.

The Chadian Foreign Ministry condemned the move and urged the Libyan authorities to preserve their safety and protection, hinting that it came in response to the arrest of the four Libyans in Chad.