The Libyan Fatwa House has called on all Muslims to boycott India after statements of defamation and mockery made by the spokesman for the Indian ruling party against the Prophet Muhammad – Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH) – in which he verbally attacked the Prophet’s wife Aisha.

The Libyan Fatwa House denounced those offensive remarks and described them as “an announced war on Islam and Muslims as well as a systematic policy for ending the presence of Islam in India.

The Fatwa House appealed to the entire Islamic nation:  individuals, groups, institutions and governments; to come to the aid of their Prophet - PBUH - with whatever actions they are able to take, whether by boycotting Indian products or expelling Hindu workers.

“We call for an end to any kind of dealing with India until an official apology is issued for these statements, and until they end the injustice practices against Muslims in their country.” The Fatwa House said.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the ruling party in India, Navin Kumar Jindal, published an offensive tweet taking an aim at the Mother of the Believers, Aisha, that sparked the anger of Muslims.