Human Rights Solidarity, a local human rights watch, has revealed that prisoners in Al-Kwifiya prison, which is run by renegade General Khalifa Hafter’s forces in Benghazi, are subjected to daily torture by electric shocks and beating to force them to confess guilty for crimes they have not committed.

The HRS reaffirmed in a statement on its website that torture is done by the forces of the Interior Security Department, which is one tool of the crackdown used previously by the Gaddafi regime and has now been reproduced in eastern Libya b y Haftar's forces.

“The same torture forms are also used by what is known as “Terrorism Fighting Department” that is led by Haftar’s forces, knowing that it is nothing more than a tribal militia based in Bersis region and headed by Faraj Eqaim.” The statement reads.

The HRS renewed its call for immediate release and unconditioned protection of the eleven prisoners held in Al-Kwifiya prison including four minors, urging the Attorney General and the Military Attorney General in Benghazi to take up their responsibility as per the laws and not to succumb to the pressure put by the oppressive Security Departments, according to the statement.