The Council of Elders and Dignitaries in Murzuq in south Libya urged Saturday authorities to be on high alert and raise capabilities to thwart any threats amid the incidents in Chad where rebel groups are fighting in the north of Chad near Libya's southern border.

The council said authorities should be prepared for any military confrontations in northern Chad that could send waves of displacement of Chadians to Libyan border towns, not to mention possible escape of Chadian rebels toward Libya's south, where they have a popular haven.

It also warned of a wave of displacement from Chad that would be similar to that of the Libyan-Chadian war, when Libya's south suffered a demographic change and the rise of desert armed groups, both of which are still affecting the region up until now.

Meanwhile, the US reiterated recently the need to monitor Libyan borders as gunmen from the Front for Change and Concord in Chad (FACT) were entering Chad from Libya.