The UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salamé, has briefed the Security Council on the latest developments in the Libyan crisis.

Salamé told the member states via videoconference from Tripoli that the Libyan National Conference is needed to help all Libyan parties settle down their conflicts.

Salamé hailed in his briefing the consolidation of the ceasefire that ended recent clashes in Tripoli, adding that as part of the security arrangements, armed groups have started to withdraw from state institutions in the capital.

“Our clear and balanced concept involves stopping armed groups from outside Tripoli invading again and armed groups inside Tripoli from using their position to penetrate, intimidate and control sovereign institutions.” He explained.

He also added that Tripoli needs disciplined, regular police forces that should protect the city, not militias.

“Appalling prison conditions are among drivers of conflict. Only 255 prisoners have been released so far, despite the Presidential Council’s decree ordering the Judiciary bodies to review files of 1000 prisoners languishing in jail.” Salamé added.

He told the UN Security Council that Libya’s economic reforms are wheeling forth as six-month revenues for Libya have been over $13 billion, remarking that despite that, the truth is that there are many Libyans who are increasingly impoverished.

“Criminals employ violence and patronage network to steal billions from national coffers.” Salamé indicated.