Libya has condemned in the strongest terms the massacre committed by the Israeli occupation forces against the dense populated Jabalia refugee camp in the Gaza Strip.

In a statement Tuesday, the country's Foreign Ministry described the airstrike, which claimed the lives of more than 400 martyrs, as a heinous crime and a continuation of the Zionist genocide policy against the Palestinian people.

It accused Israel of violating the humanitarian values upon which the United Nations was founded.

"This barbaric aggression defies the provisions of international humanitarian law and all laws that protect civilians," the ministry said, highlighting the crimes are being committed under the glare of the international system and with its complicity.

"Supporting the killing, displacement, and starvation of Palestinians that have been ongoing for weeks indicates the inability of the UN Security Council to stop them [ Israeli forces]."

The statement warned that the continuation of the Israeli "crimes against humanity" will lead to dire consequences that may spin out of control.

It called for a unified Arab and Islamic position to face the "deliberate injustice and intentional disregard" for the decade-long suffering of Palestinians and to prevent further horrific massacres against civilians in the Gaza Strip and all Palestinian territories.