Misrata city has been plunged into a knife-edged political division by the different standpoints regarding the UN-imposed government.

In a statement Thursday, the Municipality of Misrata applauded what it described as "the unlimited international support for the Government of National Accord (GNA)", pronouncing its complete support for the government after it had gained the approval of the majority of Tobruk MPs. It also called on Al-Sirraj and his group to enter Tripoli and start working from the capital.

The Misrata military council said , in a letter to Misrata Mayor, it was surprised by the “hastiness” of the Municipality and its decision to recognize the GNA without consulting between the Municipality and the military council members, especially after the 23 February meeting in which all the attendees agreed not to make any decisive decisions without consulting all of the city’s components.

Likewise, the Misrata Elders and Notables Council issued a statement saying that such a decision by the Misrata Municipality is considered a violation of the accord the city has been long going after. It rejected the attempt of the Municipality to be the sole party to tackle the country’s issues, saying that it is unacceptable, and it will lead to more division as well as to chaos and instability.

“The Misrata Municipality statement does not represent all of Misrata, so we reject any attempts to move the GNA to Tripoli because this could plunge the capital into a series of fighting, havoc, and lack of security.” The Misrata Elders and Notables Council said.

On February 23, a meeting was held by the three councils targeting a unified stance and a renouncement of monopolizing the decision-making in the city. They also agreed to form a common committee to carry out the security tasks and pivotal decisions in the city in coordination with one another and the city’s other components.