Libyan lawyers participated in an international campaign that included jurists and judges to prosecute the Israeli occupation for its crimes against the Palestinian people after the aggression on the Gaza Strip, which was renewed on Friday after the end of the humanitarian pauses.

Local media confirmed that international lawyers and judges, including the representative of the Libyan Bar Association, Faraj Abdel Ati, submitted reports to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court against the Israeli occupation on charges of committing war crimes against the Palestinian people.

This came during the international forum held in Algeria on Wednesday and Thursday, under the title “Justice for the Palestinian People,” which recommended intensifying communications and legal prosecution of the Israeli occupation.

The final statement of the forum expressed its solidarity with the people of the Gaza Strip, pledging to submit reports to the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the Israeli occupation in accordance with a legal plan agreed upon during the forum.

The participants stressed that the crimes of the occupation in the Gaza Strip since October 7, 2023 represent crimes punishable by international law, as they are collective punishments and grave violations of international and humanitarian law. They also represent war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The participants indicated that they will file criminal lawsuits against the perpetrators of these crimes against the Palestinian people, including leaders and members of the Israeli occupation authorities, before the courts that have adopted the principle of universal jurisdiction.