Thousands of Libyans took to the streets on Tuesday night to Martyrs' Square in the capital, Tripoli, and other squares in Misrata, and Benghazi, to denounce the crime of the Israeli occupation forces after the bombing of Al-Ahli Hospital, which housed displaced people in the Gaza Strip, killing at least 500 people.

The angry protesters chanted slogans denouncing Israeli crimes and supporting the Palestinian resistance, and also denouncing the rulers of Arab and Islamic countries, whom they accused of “failing the nation’s issues.”

The protesters also demanded stopping the export of Libyan oil and gas to European countries, calling for the expulsion of ambassadors from Western countries that support the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that more than 600 people, most of them women and children, were killed, and 900 others were injured in an Israeli bombing that targeted the Arab Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in the Gaza Strip.

The Ministry of Health explained that the martyrs of the bombing were mostly women and children, whose body parts were spread on the trees and hospital corridors, noting that the high number of martyrs came due to the crowding of the hospital yards with displaced people and refugees heading to the hospital to take shelter from the brutal Israeli bombing of civilian homes.